The iGolf ECLECTIC is the best, most exciting and easiest competition in the Netherlands. Golfers of all levels compete with and against each other in an accessible and relaxed way for great prizes and eternal fame. And you hardly have to do anything extra for it!

Improve your score every golf day, even if the game is disappointing;

Exciting (real-time) rankings including friend (s) and and clubmates;

A lot of fun on and next to the golf course;

Everyone plays in his own hcp class;

Super simple: no extra matches, you participate with your qualifying cards;

All season long, for a one-time deposit of 18 Euro (1 Euro per hole per year);

Participation in one of the free final tournaments for the winners (4 per court) in October;

Wonderful prizes for the 10 final iGolf ECLECTIC Champions.

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