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Play golf with (high) discounts on European courses, it's now possible with GOLF O MAX! Your ideal 'golf partner'.

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It replaces the well-known Golf O Max discount coupon book, but still has the same discount coupons and even more ...

You can download the Golf O Max app. install on different devices such as smartphones (iOS Apple or Android). A 3G or 4G or 4G + or WiFi mobile network is required to use it.

The use of your membership and the vouchers are only possible on one device. However, we recommend that you use your smartphone. Each membership can only be registered on one device.

Once the account has been created. Register with your account on your favorite device and use no fewer than 1700 discount coupons.

Download the new App. in the APP STORE or on GOOGLE PLAY

Use and validation of the coupons:

Important! You must validate the receipt (s) on the day of use. (Tip: do it before you go to the golf course and make sure you have a network connection).

The holder of the membership must be present on the golf course. The golf course staff can ask you for identification.

1 Book your reservation by calling the desired golf course in advance;

2 Validate the desired discount coupon (s) on the same day of your reservation;

(To validate (to use) a voucher, press the desired discount voucher (s) and then confirm);

This promotion places the coupon in the "My account - My discount coupons" section and sends you the discount coupon (s) to the email address you provided when registering. A copy of the discount coupon (s) is then sent to the golf course and to Golf O Max;

3 At the golf course reception, present your device showing the discount coupon (s) in the section

"My account - My discount coupons" or the e-mail that you have received with your discount coupon (s).

4 Pay your green fee (s) and enjoy the discount (s).

Validated discount coupon (s) are automatically removed from your list of discount coupons for that particular golf course.


What is the number of coupons per golf course?
Each golf course offers 2 to 4 discount coupons.

Is the membership valid for all regions and countries?
All discount vouchers that apply to your membership also apply to all regions and all countries.

How long does my membership last?
Your membership with the Golf O Max app. is valid from January 1 to December 31 per calendar year. Each discount voucher has its own validity period.

Can two or more people use the coupons of a single membership or is it necessary to have two or more memberships?
Membership is exclusive and connected to a single device, but a few players or a small group can use a single membership if the membership holder is part of this group. The golf course staff can ask for your proof of identity.

If a golf course offers a voucher, "2 players for the price of 1", do I use only one voucher for both?
If a golf course offers two coupons, "25% discount on 1 green fee", then you confirm a bon per player. In the event that you need more discount coupons for a golf course, it may be useful that your fellow players also take out a membership themselves. Choosing a "Gold" or "Premium" membership is also one of the options, then you have several discount coupons for the same Golf Course with the same membership.

Do golf courses accept discount coupons during tournaments and if you only want to play 9 holes?
The use of the coupons depends on the golf course policy for the tournaments and if you want to play 9 holes on an 18 hole golf course.

On what date does the new Golf O Max app. in?
Even if you already have access to the Golf O Max app, it is only 100% operational on 01/01/2018.

Is it interesting to take Golf O Max membership during the year?
Even if there are only two days left, it is sometimes enough to use one or two coupons to save money.

Example: a golf course offers a voucher for "2 players for the price of 1"
The green fee is € 50. Result: You save € 50.