Gaon III

Soft three-layer golf ball with ionomer outer jacket. Made with the latest technology for balancing golf balls.

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A golf ball in the 'premium' category that is suitable for all types of golfers, because an even lower swing speed does not affect the lifespan and control of the golf ball. Offers a longer lifespan, more control from the tee and more forgiving golf course, because there is not as much spin in the ball as with the tour models.

Outer jacket
- applied thermosetting urethane resin for guarantees a longer ball flight if you hit with a driver
- lower compression (70) reduces spin when using a driver and feels soft

The soft core of the ND-BR ensures an extraordinary ball flight with a softer feel and speed control

Inomer inner jacket
- the Surlyn® ionomer material from DuPont ™ improves the distance when using the driver
- Average elasticity of the soft compound resin improves the ball spin with middle irons for longer distances

EAN 8809431870112

Colour White
Dimensions 42.75 mm.
Weight 45.5 gr.
Compression 70 ± 5
Type length / distance
Spin control average
Feeling softer