Xperon Golf Bodywarmer - women

Soft shell body warmer for women, with heating elements. Stay warm in the winter during your round of golf!

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In the spring and fall you want to protect your body a bit more against the wind or a small rain shower. A soft shell body warmer provides the ideal solution and offers high wearing comfort.

The Xperon soft shell body warmer has two heating elements at the rear that are powered by a 'power bank' with USB connection for a great warm feeling. This keeps your back and neck nice and warm while playing golf. At the push of a button you can choose from 3 positions, from around 40 to 47°C and the button will change in white, blue or red.

Xperon soft shell body warmers are nice and light, flexible and stretchy. Xperon soft shell body warmers are made with a special stretch fabric that gives the body warmer elasticity. This makes it suitable for various activities. A soft shell body warmer is also an ideal windbreaker and also protects you during a (small) rain shower.

- colour black

- sizes S / M / L power bank)

- carbon fiber heating elements

- inner lining of heat-reflecting material