VIVID Yellow

This VIVID golf ball gives the golfer a happy feeling at impact because it is made of reinforced plastic mixed with metal ions (metal particles).

VAT included
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The core is made to give the golf ball the right direction that the golfer wants because he has a soft feel, an explosive backspin and a longer contact / impact with the club head. This VIVID is an excellent ball for the novice golfer and is available in various striking colors.

Large size (Diameter 38.2 mm) Core with NBDR rubber increases the distance with your driver by using. a very soft and repellent core (core compression force 32)

Inner jacket
Duplex HPF 2000 sheath, converts the energy created by club head at impact moment into stroke distance without loss of strength

Outer jacket
The outer jacket is made from a combination with 4 ionomer materials from Dupont and offers the excellent spin mass and driver distance with uniform coverage thickness (1.05 mm)

EAN 7091137244217

Colour White
Dimensions 42.75 mm.
Weight 45.5 gr.
Compression 85 ± 5
Type length / distance
Feeling soft