Xperon III

Tour model with outer cover of urethane. A golf ball made with the patented balancing technology.

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Suitable for golfers who have a medium to high swing speed. This golf ball has almost the same characteristics as the Xperon IV around the green. The Xperon III gives maximum length from the T-box and at the same time offers great control with its spin properties around the green, with a soft feel.

At Xperon Golf we want to introduce players around the world with all the possible benefits, and that means not just playing a regular golf ball, but one that is completely balanced.

Xperon Golf produces premium golf balls that are balanced, aligned and marked at their center of gravity in the development process.

By balancing our golf balls with the help of elementary fluid dynamics, we determine the true "balance point" and mark that point with a line. Many professional players already do this themselves to get that extra benefit.

With the innovative and patented “Dual Balance Technology”, Xperon has taken the development of golf balls to a higher level, including a robot that indicates the center of gravity of the ball for accurate positioning of the ball.

Outer jacket
- applied thermosetting urethane resin for a strong protective layer
- soft feel, excellent durability and propulsion
- maximum distance while maintaining excellent spinning capacity

The soft core of the ND-BR ensures an extraordinary ball flight with a softer feel and speed control

Inomer inner jacket
- the Surlyn® ionomer material from DuPont ™ improves the distance when using the driver
- offers an optimal spinning speed for drivers and irons

EAN 8809431870242

Colour White
Dimensions 42.75 mm.
Weight 45.5 gr.
Compression 80 ± 5
Type length / distance
Spin control high
Feeling soft