Xperon IV

Tour model with outer cover of urethane. A golf ball made with the patented balancing technology.

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Suitable for golfers who have a medium to high swing speed and want a low spin with the driver for maximum length, a controlled golf ball and high spin speed around the green with extremely good length control and a soft feel.

Outer jacket
- applied thermosetting urethane resin for a robust protective layer
- soft feel, excellent durability and propulsion
- maximum distance while maintaining - excellent spinning capacity

The soft core of the ND-BR provides exceptional ball delivery with a softer feel and speed control

Inner jacket
- the high elasticity inner jacket contributes to straight and precise stroke with the driver
- applying a highly elastic HPF layer minimizes energy loss of the core and results in longer distances

Inomer inner jacket
- applying high resilience and low compression (HRLC) resin improves the distance with the driver
- offers an optimal spinning speed for drivers and irons

EAN 8809431870310

Colour White
Dimensions 42.80 mm.
Weight 45.5 gr.
Compression 82 ± 5
Type length / distance
Spin control high
Feeling soft