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The IV SE golf ball has been approved by the USGA and R & A and is characterized by 2 markings, including a 'driver line'.

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The IV golf ball is a balanced golf ball and has been developed as a professional tour ball with the direction of movement in one straight line (alignment) to improve the slice and "grab" it in the air when turning with your driver golf club.

At present Xperon Golf is the only manufacturer in the world that has a patent for the double balance line in a mass production system and therefore has great interest from manufacturers from both the US and Europe. Xperon Golf has already been approached by various manufacturers to enter into a partnership.

The ball has a marker for the driver and a marker for the putter.

At Xperon Golf we want to introduce players around the world with all the possible benefits, and that means not just playing a regular golf ball, but one that is completely balanced.

Xperon Golf produces premium golf balls that are balanced, aligned and marked at their center of gravity in the development process.

By balancing our golf balls with the help of elementary fluid dynamics, we determine the true "balance point" and mark that point with a line. Many professional players already do this themselves to get that extra benefit.

With the innovative and patented “Dual Balance Technology”, Xperon has taken the development of golf balls to a higher level, including a robot that indicates the center of gravity of the ball for accurate positioning of the ball.

Outer jacket
- applied thermosetting urethane resin for a robust protective layer
- soft feel, excellent durability and propulsion
- maximum distance while maintaining - excellent spinning capacity

The soft core of the ND-BR provides exceptional ball delivery with a softer feel and speed control

Inner jacket
- the high elasticity inner jacket contributes to straight and precise stroke with the driver
- applying a highly elastic HPF layer minimizes energy loss of the core and results in longer distances

Inomer inner jacket
- applying high resilience and low compression (HRLC) resin improves the distance with the driver
- offers an optimal spinning speed for drivers and irons

EAN 8809431870563

Colour White
Dimensions 42.80 mm.
Weight 45.5 gr.
Compression 82 ± 5
Type length / distance
Spin control high
Feeling soft